We always need new foster homes to bring the greyhounds on our rescue list into a safe family home.

Fostering saves lives and there are always a large number of requests to surrender a greyhound. We simply cannot help a greyhound if we don’t have a foster home ready to take him or her. Unfortunately, if we cannot take the greyhound into our care, they are often killed or dumped with dubious people who breed with them; either to breed more racing greyhounds or to breed a pig hunting dog by crossing a greyhound with a bull mastiff, wolfhound, great dane, any working dog breed, bull arab, etc.

Fostering is rewarding and most foster families fall head over heels in love with their foster greyhound. Also, about 80% of our foster families end up adopting their foster dog hence our constant search for new amazing foster families. But fostering can also be challenging. Our greyhounds have never lived in a home before, have no idea how to walk on a lead or how to behave around other dogs. But greyhounds are such gentle and adaptable souls and most of our new arrivals find their paws super quickly. Occasionally, a greyhound will need a bit more help to settle into family life but we will help you work through everything with our amazing team of volunteers and our canine behaviourist Mia Shaw from Smart Dog Behaviour & Training.

Fostering for Amazing Greys is free. There is no need to worry about vet bills and we provide a bed, collar, harness, lead, bowls, a coat etc. for every foster greyhound.

Curious to find out more? Send us an email to foster@amazinggreys.com.au and we can provide more details.