Our heart is breaking for all the greyhounds that don’t fit the mould. 💔 
The greyhounds that don’t measure up to the expectations of their humans; the ones you can’t take to the cafe or dog park; the ones that bark at other dogs on walks; the ones that are so scared they tear up your cushions when home alone and the ones that cower in the corner when strangers visit your house; the ones that are shut down after being kicked, beaten and yelled at for undesirable behaviour by some uneducated trainer.

Those poor souls often find themselves homeless again. After being rescued initially from the race track, these dogs don’t deserve to be homeless again or to be advertised as ‘free to good home’ under the disguise that it is best for the greyhound to go somewhere else.

What’s best for the greyhound is for YOU to change. To change the mould you want your greyhound to fit into. For your expecations to change. To realise that the greyhound in front of you is worth more than your expecations.

Your greyhound is a living being with a lot of baggage. All he needs is someone to help him unpack.