We often hear people call their greyhound (or horse, or any other animal) stubborn, aggressive, lazy, dominant, etc. and don’t think twice about it. But there is a real danger in labelling our greyhounds, because it defines the animal and us humans often shut the door to understanding our dog. We stop searching for the cause of the behaviour and stop listening to our greyhounds.

Instead of asking “Why is my greyhound not listening when I call him?”, we call the dog stubborn. Instead of asking “Why my greyhound is lunging at other dogs on our walks?”, we call him aggressive. Instead of asking “Why is my greyhound chewing up the door when left home alone?”, we call him destructive. However, your greyhound is none of these at his core. And yet thousands become homeless because of it.

Instead of labelling our greyhounds, we need to understand their behaviour and find the source of it. For example, your greyhound is not listening when you call him because you never trained him properly. Your greyhound is lunging at other dogs because he is scared of them and feels unsafe. And your greyhound is chewing up the door because he is so worried about being home alone that he can’t cope otherwise.

When you ask ‘why?’, you begin to understand that your greyhound is not a collection of labels at all. He is a living and breathing being who needs your support and love. Always remember that your greyhound is not giving you a hard time; he is having a hard time. So it’s your job to never stop listening and asking why.