MLDS or MODS are serious concerns for a greyhound although it is not a disease or illness they catch. It’s something that us humans catch.

MLDS (My Last Dog Syndrome) or MODS (My Other Dog Syndrome) is the idea that when we welcome a new greyhound into our home, the old dog or existing dog is somehow better, better behaved, less flawed and more perfect than our new greyhound. The direct comparison between the two dogs often sends newly adopted greyhound back to the rescue group through no fault of their own. Comparisons such as ‘my last dog was never destructive when left home alone’ or ‘my other dog never has an accident in the house’ etc. are too easily made. Your last dog or other greyhound seems somewhat magical and perfect and the new addition is just flawed, broken and can’t live up to your expectations.

None of these statements are completely true, and we often forget the struggle we had with a previous greyhound or the other dog in the home when they first arrived. Because the heart is generous, and because we easily remember the joy and happiness our other or last dog brought and forget that they too have or had their little imperfections.

Don’t let MLDS or MODS get in the way of a beautiful relationship with your new greyhound. Teach your greyhound with compassion and without aversive methods. And always choose compassion over perfection. 🙂