Homemade treats for your greyhound

August 27, 2019Diet, News, Tips, Treats, Tutorials

If you would like to treat your dog to something tasty and new, or if you just don’t trust the ingredients in store-bought treats, you can always bake some for your hound at home. They’re also great for stuffing into toys for enrichment during the day. We have three great recipes for you to try … Read More

Does your greyhound suffer from MLDS or MODS?

July 20, 2019News

MLDS or MODS are serious concerns for a greyhound although it is not a disease or illness they catch. It’s something that us humans catch. MLDS (My Last Dog Syndrome) or MODS (My Other Dog Syndrome) is the idea that when we welcome a new greyhound into our home, the old dog or existing dog … Read More

How to choose a trainer for your greyhound

June 14, 2019News, Tips

Violence starts where knowledge ends. Too many dogs are still trained with aversive methods, whether with a choke or shock collar, or with a spray bottle of water. It’s ineffective and simply outdated. Unfortunately, the dog training industry is not regulated in Australia and any yahoo can call himself a dog trainer (or worse, “dog … Read More

When a greyhound doesn’t fit the mould

June 13, 2019Greyhound Rescue, News

Our heart is breaking for all the greyhounds that don’t fit the mould. 💔 The greyhounds that don’t measure up to the expectations of their humans; the ones you can’t take to the cafe or dog park; the ones that bark at other dogs on walks; the ones that are so scared they tear up your cushions … Read More

Welcome to Amazing Greys Greyhound Rescue!

November 2, 2017News

Welcome to Amazing Greys Greyhound Rescue! Welcome to our new website! Amazing Greys has been around since October 2011 and we recently launched our new and improved website. I hope you enjoy the greyhound stories, adoption profiles and tips for caring for your greyhound — and lots of greyhound photos, of course. We are also … Read More