The importance of not labelling your greyhound

June 29, 2019Greyhound Training

We often hear people call their greyhound (or horse or any other animal) stubborn, aggressive, lazy, dominant, etc. and don’t think about it twice. But there is a real danger in labelling our greyhounds, because it defines the animal and us humans often shut the door to understanding our dog. We stop searching for the … Read More

Using food when teaching your greyhound

June 17, 2019Greyhound Training

Our gentle greyhounds deserve force free and positive rewards based training methods like every other animal. Every animal, from giraffes in zoos to bomb sniffing rats, and even us humans learn the same way and there is no excuse to use heavy handed and aversive training methods. When we teach with food, it’s important to … Read More

How to choose a trainer for your greyhound

June 14, 2019News, Tips

Violence starts where knowledge ends. Too many dogs are still trained with aversive methods, whether with a choke or shock collar or with a spray bottle of water. It’s not effective and simply outdated. Unfortunately, the dog training industry is not regulated in Australia and every yahoo can call himself a dog trainer (or worse, … Read More