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PER source number: EE100778


5-year-old girl

Addie is a 5-year-old, fun-loving girl who, after a very short racing career, has adjusted well to the luxurious life of pet-hood.

A curious girl, Addie likes to spend lots of time sniffing and exploring when she is in new surroundings, but quickly settles down once she is comfortable. She also likes to keep an eye on what her favourite humans are doing, and often follows you around the house to make sure she’s not missing out on any fun. But her most favourite thing of all is practicing her dog yoga. While greyhounds are known for their unique sleeping positions, Addie takes roaching to a new level. Just try to take your eyes off her as she demonstrates one weird stretch after another — all while snoozing happily. She loves to sprawl out, but she will share the couch if you ask nicely!

Addie’s mind is quite active and she would love to have humans who have time to engage with her in between snoozes and to teach her games. She is very food motivated and rotating treats (chicken, sausages, cheese) helps keep her engaged in learning. She loves her squeaky toys but doesn’t share well with other dogs, so this needs to be a solo activity. A couple of walks (20–30 minutes) a day are a must so she can burn off her energy and engage in proper ‘couch potato’ activity the rest of the time.

Addie can be quite reactive to other dogs, especially small dogs, and needs someone who is patient and understanding, and can continue to work with her on this. She has been working with a behaviourist and is improving but this will be an ongoing process.

Addie has been living in a town house and copes with this well, though a backyard would be an added bonus for playtime. She has been living as an only dog, and provided she has enough stimulation, she behaves well in the home while her family are out. She may be suited to living with another greyhound but she is not suited to living with small dogs or cats.

Addie is sweet, cheeky, curious and funny in equal measures, and will undoubtedly bring the lucky humans who adopt her bucket-loads of laughs and joy.

Microchip no. 956000003457899

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5-year-old boy

Buddy is a confident and energetic boy who loves his walks, and would make a great jogging partner. He’s looking for an active home who will take him out to explore the new wide world — since arriving in foster care, he has taken everything in stride and is not spooked by loud noises, new smells, unfamiliar places, or other dog breeds. Everything is an exciting new adventure for Buddy, and he wants to be right by your side experiencing it all.

When Buddy first arrived, he had severe separation anxiety. He is working on this, but would be most comfortable in a home where he won’t be left alone for long periods of time. Given his love of people and his great manners, he would be a perfect “office dog” and would be ecstatic to spend each day hanging out with you, maybe helping greet customers or assisting to shred some documents, then having a well-earned nap in the corner?

Buddy is not suited to apartment living; he needs a home with a backyard to stretch his legs and get all his “zoomies” in.

Microchip no. 956000004302086

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2-year-old boy

(DOB: Nov 2016)

Ziggy is a very sweet and goofy boy. Just try to resist patting that belly when he roaches! He can be a little shy to begin with and can be quite fearful of men in particular. For this reason, any men in the house will have to be very patient and let him come to you.

He is a joy to play with and watch as he tosses a toy and pounces on it. Nothing can get his attention like a squeaky toy. He has been receptive to training and has the foundations down pretty well and has great potential. Like any greyhound he can be found on the nearest soft surface for the majority of the day aside from his walks and a couple of zoomies.

Without other dogs around he can become quite anxious, but living in a foster home with a doggy friend has helped him settle. He’s therefore looking for a home with another dog. He can be reactive to cats when outside but hasn’t been tested for cat-friendliness inside the home.

Microchip no. 956000004562879

View more photos of Ziggy on his PetRescue page.

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