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5-year-old girl

Addie is a 5-year-old, fun-loving girl who, after a very short racing career, has adjusted well to the luxurious life of pet-hood.

A curious girl, Addie likes to spend lots of time sniffing and exploring when she is in new surroundings, but quickly settles down once she is comfortable. She also likes to keep an eye on what her favourite humans are doing, and often follows you around the house to make sure she’s not missing out on any fun. But her most favourite thing of all is practicing her dog yoga. While greyhounds are known for their unique sleeping positions, Addie takes roaching to a new level. Just try to take your eyes off her as she demonstrates one weird stretch after another — all while snoozing happily. She loves to sprawl out, but she will share the couch if you ask nicely!

Addie’s mind is quite active and she would love to have humans who have time to engage with her in between snoozes and to teach her games. She is very food motivated and rotating treats (chicken, sausages, cheese) helps keep her engaged in learning. She loves her squeaky toys but doesn’t share well with other dogs, so this needs to be a solo activity. A couple of walks (20–30 minutes) a day are a must so she can burn off her energy and engage in proper ‘couch potato’ activity the rest of the time.

Addie can be quite reactive to other dogs, especially small dogs, and needs someone who is patient and understanding, and can continue to work with her on this. She has been working with a behaviourist and is improving but this will be an ongoing process.

Addie has been living in a town house and copes with this well, though a backyard would be an added bonus for playtime. She has been living as an only dog, and provided she has enough stimulation, she behaves well in the home while her family are out. She may be suited to living with another greyhound but she is not suited to living with small dogs or cats.

Addie is sweet, cheeky, curious and funny in equal measures, and will undoubtedly bring the lucky humans who adopt her bucket-loads of laughs and joy.

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4-year-old boy

(DOB: Oct 2014)

Boss is a 4.5 year old ex-racer who has had a bit of a rough start in life. After a terrible accident on the race track, he needed to have one of his legs amputated. Boss is completely healed from his operation and has been living as an indoor dog for over six months now, and enjoying the luxury of ‘pet life’. He is house trained and a very well-behaved boy who loves affection and deserves the very best in life. It goes without saying that he is a very special tripod greyhound!

Boss doesn’t let his 3-leggedness worry him too much and lives life to the fullest. However, he does have a few special requirements for his perfect home. Floorboards and tiles can be too slippery, and he needs a home that is fully carpeted (or very close to – kitchen and bathroom may be exceptions). Even rugs stuck down to floors in living areas or hallways can be problematic, as he gets very excited when his humans come home and slips on exposed bits of floor.

And although Boss loves the great outdoors, he would get a bit too excited in a large yard and risk injuring himself, so an apartment or townhouse with a small courtyard or balcony would suit him best.That said, morning and afternoon walks are a must! Stairs are also a bit of a challenge for Boss, so a ground floor home or one with lift access is also necessary.

Boss is a really sweet boy who loves people but he can be a bit shy to begin with and needs a home with people who have the patience to take things a little slowly and let him get to know you. Once he is comfortable in your home and you’ve won his trust, he is your typical velcro grey. However, for this reason we think he would be best suited to a home with adults or older children who can understand these needs.

Boss is not cat-friendly and also would not be suited to a home with small dogs. At the moment he is happy being an only dog and getting all of his humans love and affection.

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5-year-old boy

Buddy is a confident and energetic boy who loves his walks, and would make a great jogging partner. He’s looking for an active home who will take him out to explore the new wide world — since arriving in foster care, he has taken everything in stride and is not spooked by loud noises, new smells, unfamiliar places, or other dog breeds. Everything is an exciting new adventure for Buddy, and he wants to be right by your side experiencing it all.

When Buddy first arrived, he had severe separation anxiety. He is working on this, but would be most comfortable in a home where he won’t be left alone for long periods of time. Given his love of people and his great manners, he would be a perfect “office dog” and would be ecstatic to spend each day hanging out with you, maybe helping greet customers or assisting to shred some documents, then having a well-earned nap in the corner?

Buddy is not suited to apartment living; he needs a home with a backyard to stretch his legs and get all his “zoomies” in.

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3-year-old boy

Dennis is a handsome 3-year-old greyhound who has fully embraced all that his new life as a well-loved pet has to offer! As a young dog, he can be quite exuberant, and gets very excited when meeting new people or greeting his family at the end of the day. He can sometimes love his people a little “too” much, so a home without small children who he might knock over in his rush to provide affection would be best.

Dennis is doing well as an “only child” and is more than happy to chill out during the day while his foster family are away at work. He’s adapted to apartment life well and he’s old hat with (carpeted) stairs and elevators, and even uses a balcony grass patch toilet (the clever clogs!).

When he’s not chilling at home, Dennis loves going out on adventures; he travels well in the car and loves the beach. He’s comfortable walking along busy streets and enjoys a brunch date at the local cafe as much as any other Melbournian. Although he’s always down to meet new human friends anytime, Dennis does prefer that other dogs give him a bit of space when he’s on leash (he’s not shy about giving a warning bark just to let them know he’s not down for an up close hello) — when given the opportunity to zoom around a doggy friend’s backyard, he happily plays nicely, if a little boisterously, but should be carefully introduced at first due to his size.

Dennis is very food-motivated and eager to learn. He very quickly picks up new boundaries and expectations, and he has been taught not to enter the kitchen — but he is still learning to resist the allure of a good counter surf from the other side! Because he is quite a tall boy and can reach most benches, it seems very lovely of people to leave tasty treats around for him to help himself to!

Like a lot of greyhounds, Dennis is working on a bit of resource guarding behaviour (especially with food that he may have “found”) and he needs a home with people who are comfortable to continue training. He has come a long way since first entering foster care and responds very well to positive reinforcement training. For this reason, we think someone who has experience with greyhounds or large dogs, and is willing to give him patience and love to help him overcome his insecurities, would be perfect.

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4-year-old girl

The cold weather is settling in and Princess Polly is wondering, do you have a warm lap that she can snuggle up in?

This gorgeous little 4-year-old lady loves her people so much that she would prefer a home where someone is around more often than not to spend as much time adoring her sweet face as possible (a girl so beautiful should be frequently admired, in her opinion!).

She is currently living in an apartment and is trained to use a grass patch on the balcony. She does, however, need a family committed to continuing training and building her confidence out on walks as the big world can be very overwhelming with all its new smells and sounds.

Polly suffers from separation anxiety and is not suitable for full time workers. She cannot be homed with small animals or other dog breeds, but may benefit from a greyhound sibling.

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2-year-old boy

(DOB: Nov 2016)

Ziggy is a very sweet and goofy boy. Just try to resist patting that belly when he roaches! He can be a little shy to begin with and can be quite fearful of men in particular. For this reason, any men in the house will have to be very patient and let him come to you.

He is a joy to play with and watch as he tosses a toy and pounces on it. Nothing can get his attention like a squeaky toy. He has been receptive to training and has the foundations down pretty well and has great potential. Like any greyhound he can be found on the nearest soft surface for the majority of the day aside from his walks and a couple of zoomies.

Without other dogs around he can become quite anxious, but living in a foster home with a doggy friend has helped him settle. He’s therefore looking for a home with another dog. He can be reactive to cats when outside but hasn’t been tested for cat-friendliness inside the home.

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4-year-old boy

Zorro, also known as “Zoss”, is very friendly and affectionate. His favourite time of day is when he gets pats from strangers down the street on walks. He is very happy if someone is home to play with him and keep him company, but is also comfortable inside on his own while his humans are at work — providing they bring him back lots of pats at the end of the day.

Despite being 4 years old and having a lot of grey hair, Zorro is very energetic. He loves his walks and would happily be a running/jogging partner. He also really loves his toys — squeaky or rattly ones are best — and he is at his most content racing around throwing them in the backyard. He walks very well on a lead but gets very excited around other dogs, especially small fluffy ones. He responds well to treats though, and this can bring his attention back to you.

If you’re at home relaxing with Zorro and you aren’t just feeding him a steady stream of treats, the next best thing would be snuggling up on the couch for a movie (and treats).

View more photos of Zorro on his PetRescue page.

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