ZIGGY- 2 year old boy (DOB Nov 2016) 

Ziggy is a very sweet and goofy boy. Just try to resist patting that belly when he roaches! He can be a little shy to begin with and can be quite fearful of men in particular. For this reason, any men in the house will have to be very patient and let him come to you.

He is a joy to play with and watch as he tosses a toy and pounces on it. Nothing can get his attention like a squeaky toy. He has been receptive to training and has the foundations down pretty well and has great potential. Like any greyhound he can be found on the nearest soft surface for the majority of the day aside from his walks and a couple of zoomies.

Without other dogs around he can become quite anxious, but living in a foster home with a doggy friend has helped him settle. He’s therefore looking for a home with another dog. He can be reactive to cats when outside but hasn’t been tested for cat-friendliness inside the home.

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BOSS- 4 year old boy (DOB Oct 2014) 

Boss is a 4.5 year old ex-racer who has had a bit of a rough start in his life. After a terrible accident on the race track, he needed to have one of his legs amputated. Boss is completely healed from his operation and has been living as an indoor dog for over six months now, and enjoying the luxury of ‘pet life’. He is house trained and a very well-behaved boy who loves affection and deserves the very best in life. It goes without saying that he is a very special tripod greyhound!

Boss doesn’t let his 3-leggedness worry him too much and lives life to the fullest. However, he does have a few special requirements for his perfect home. Floorboards and tiles can be too slippery, and he needs a home that is fully carpeted (or very close to – kitchen and bathroom may be exceptions). Even rugs stuck down to floors in living areas or hallways can be problematic, as he gets very excited when his humans come home and slips on exposed bits of floor.

And although Boss loves the great outdoors, he would get a bit too excited in a large yard and risk injuring himself, so an apartment or townhouse with a small courtyard or balcony would suit him best.That said, morning and afternoon walks are a must! Stairs are also a bit of a challenge for Boss, so a ground floor home or one with lift access is also necessary.

Boss is a really sweet boy who loves people but he can be a bit shy to begin with and needs a home with people who have the patience to take things a little slowly and let him get to know you. Once he is comfortable in your home and you’ve won his trust, he is your typical velcro grey. However, for this reason we think he would be best suited to a home with adults or older children who can understand these needs.

Boss is not cat-friendly and also would not be suited to a home with small dogs. At the moment he is happy being an only dog and getting all of his humans love and affection.

More photos of Boss on his Petrescue page