Fostering Saves Lives

Amazing Greys has no kennels and can only rescue a greyhound if a foster home is prepared to take him or her in. Our foster families are the most special people and keep the rescued greyhound safe, love them like their own child and don’t quit on them when things don’t go as planned.

Most of the greyhounds surrendered into our care come directly from racing kennels and are typically 2–4 years of age. Some had a successful racing career, but others were not fast enough, did not chase hard enough or simply injured themselves on the track. Regardless of their age or background, they have no idea how the world outside of greyhound racing works.

Foster families help a greyhound make the transition from racing dog to family companion. It takes a bit of patience, some compassion and lots of treats! But fostering is rewarding and there is nothing more beautiful to watch than a scared and clueless greyhound transforming into a playful and confident pup while in foster care with you.

We pay their way

While in foster care, all greyhounds receive vet treatment and get vaccinated, have their teeth cleaned, and are desexed and microchipped. Our preferred vet is the Greencross Heidelberg vet and foster carers usually take the greyhound there for all vet work; however, we can also arrange for a local vet. Amazing Greys pays for all vet work.

Every foster greyhound comes with his own collar, lead, harness, bed, coat, bowls and toys. Foster carers only pay for dog food.

Fostering is free and we help you every step of the way. Many greyhounds transition from racing greyhound to couch potato in no time, while others have a bit more baggage and need more time and sometimes the help of our behaviourists. If you are considering fostering, be warned! It is totally addictive, and also, about 80% of our foster families end up adopting their foster baby.

Everyone can foster

Families with a greyhound, no cats and no children under 5 years can foster immediately. Families without a greyhound at home but where someone is home most of the time (for example, if you work part time or from home) can also foster immediately.

Families who work full time or have small dogs, small children or cats will need a bit more time to find a suitable foster greyhound. However, everything is possible if you are patient.

For more information, please email We always desperately need new foster homes.